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Manila, Philippines
Business Can Be a Challenge - How to Overcome Some of The Challenges BY  ROB HILLMAN How do you keep your business growing? This could be one of the greatest challenges in business - how to keep them stable and growing fast year after year. I have a nephew who has had his own business since he got married. The year he married was also the year he decided to stop working and venture into something really big. He decided to stop working because what he was earning in his company was not enough to support his family. It was a risk for him but he decided to take it.
Why a Business Directory Listing Can Be Beneficial To Your Business BY  JOVIA D'SOUZA Online business owners know the importance of staying visible, especially considering just how much competition there is on the internet.
Importance of Roller Shutters BY  VS SINGH Roller shutters are used for locking the commercial and household establishments throughout the world. They are generally constructed from hinged bars and panels. The bars used for roller shutters are short in terms of vertical length but tall in terms of horizontal length.
Top Retirement Destinations in the Philippines BY  WALTER H MENUET There are 10, 20 and 100 good reasons to retire in the Philippines, including 7,107 good low tide seasons and 2,000 habitable islands. As a retiree, there are a variety of choices available to you and your spouse. The best locations for retirement in the Philippines.

Philippine Government Business Services The first step to registering your business is securing a business name. Having a business name will instill confidence in your customers and protect your business name against those who may wish to use it as well. Here are the government business services: Business Registration Requirements > Registering a Partnership or Corporation > Trademark Registration > Investing in the Philippines > Public-Private Partnership Programs >
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Advertise Your Business BY P.T BARNUM We all depend, more or less, upon the public for our support. We all trade with the public—lawyers, doctors, shoemakers, artists, blacksmiths, showmen, opera stagers, railroad presidents, and college professors. Those who deal with the public must be careful that their goods are valuable; that they are genuine, and will give satisfaction. When you get an article which you know is going to please your customers, and that when they have tried it, they will feel they have got their money's worth, then let the fact be known that you have got it.
How to Increase the Value of Your Business BY HOWARD SHORE Is selling your business a future consideration? If you are like many business owners, you know you will one day sell your business. Too often owners take time for granted. They always believe they have more time to consider how best to prepare their businesses for sale. The flaw in their thinking is that they really do not know whether the best time to sell is this year, next year, or 50 years from now.
How Your Views Shape Your Business BY RAYMOND HUAN What is Reality? When you stop to think about it, reality is basically just your perception of what is real to you. It is your interpretation of the situations that you've encountered in your life. Once you realise that your reality (or perception of it) is just as real to you as another person experiencing the same thing, all you need to do is appreciate that in business, you need to be open to the realities of others. Your target audience all have their own realities, their own perceptions, and they can actually be incredibly beneficial to your business, if you can work to adopt them.